Thursday, December 23, 2010

To numb or not...that is the question

A few weeks ago Zander had hives. We were really tracking everything he ate to see what could be causing them. We started to notice a pattern, on the days we infused his hives would be worse. This concerned me, I looked at the side effects of his factor and hives is one of them. Then Endre pointed out to me maybe it is the cream we use to numb his port. So, for the first time we infused him without cream. When I stuck the needle in he seemed generally surprised and he fussed a little. That day he had no hives (the first time in a week). The next time we infused we used cream to see if the hives would come back (they didn't come back so maybe the hives were related to something else). Travis and I infused Zander with the cream and then a couple times without the cream. This morning when I infused him (no cream) he was frantic. He has NEVER acted that way with his infusions. So, it may not be right for everyone but for Zander we are going to keep using the cream. Maybe in a few months we will try again. I figure if it makes it more comfortable for him then we need to do that for him.
(the picture has nothing to do with the post. It makes me smile and that is what Zander is doing... pretty bad right).

PS... This is Endre and I am adding to Nika's post without her knowledge.  I just want to point out how amazingly bruise free he looks and how great his port is healing.  That's it...