Wednesday, September 7, 2011

prophy...ebb and flow

I have posted pictures of Zander in the past, just laying still while getting his prophy (or poke day/needle day as he calls it). I'm not sure if it was a mix of no longer using the numbing cream (his choice) or when we went on vacation it just through him out of his routine. But he, for the first time, struggled and fought so much with his infusions. It was a nightmare. But, we might be turning another corner (he wants cream again) and he also wants to infuse something before we infuse him. Today's patient of choice was his Woody doll, he is very serious about getting his gloves on and getting his patient his factor. He is having a bleed of some kind right now and he has been back to his better days (I keep telling myself maybe he knows it is helping him...) but it has been nice with having to poke him a couple times a day. Other things I tried (other than letting him infuse toys) to get him back to not fighting, showed him lots of pictures of him being infused and how still and happy he was, talk to him before I infuse about what I need him to do to help me make it an easy poke day (hands where they aren't over his port, legs not kicking, not screaming (although the screaming I could handle). Hope it keeps getting better.