Monday, June 27, 2011

high flyin' hemo

Zander is wondering if being a trapeze artist is on the "do not participate in list" for Hemos...If so he may just have to break the rules, look at his form, his technique, his smile. He is a thrill seeker!

Friday, June 17, 2011

You Want Grady to do What?

So I have made the executive decision that Grady (Twin brother to Jack) will learn how to infuse him this summer...yes that's right I am giving permission for Jack's brother to to stick him with a needle! Jack thinks I am totally nuts...and maybe I am, but after the Valentines Day fiasco I need to make sure someone has Jack's back. Jack isn't too keen on Grady trying the needle, so we are starting slow for now. Grady set up the kit, and pushed the syringes. Jack's expression in the picture say's it all. I think Grady knowing how to infuse Jack will bring everyone more piece of mind. These boy's are young....but they are mighty!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Get yourself a girl

I knew a woman several years ago, who came from an affluent family in Peru.  She always used to tell me that I needed a girl for stuff (laundry, housekeeping etc).  Apparently "sexism" means something different in Peru than in the US.  However... sometimes, when I'm feeling overwhelmed with the many tasks of motherhood, I do find myself muttering "I need a girl".

Which brings me to - our daughter, who is deep in tweenhood and quickly approaching teenhood.  She is taking on more and more responsibilities in our house (although she is certainly not utilized as a domestic servant- although she might disagree) and this week, she helped me do Harris' infusion.  She held, I stuck.  She did really well - especially considering the weight to length ratio of her brother.  I am so glad that we have another helper around and I am so glad that our kids can be raised with such a broad idea of what makes a normal life... especially since she has a chance of having a little bleeder of her own one day.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

He's a big boy now

Yesterday morning I had to leave the house early and didn't get back until the afternoon. Travis needed to go to work when I got home. We were just going to infuse Zander that evening but I kept having this nagging feeling that I should just get it done. So, I braved the infusion process alone.

Zander is really good to just lay there but I worried a little about him reaching into my sterile field. I told him that I would turn on Buzz (Toy Story--his current obsession) and explained he needed to keep his hands behind his head. I got my sterile field ready, laid him down, put my gloves on (that is the point of no return) and did it. He didn't move, fuss or try to run away.

I felt very proud of him (and me). This is really great because it is an added measure of freedom. I don't have to worry about Zander having an incident and needing another set of hands to infuse. Yay for MORE independence.