Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Get yourself a girl

I knew a woman several years ago, who came from an affluent family in Peru.  She always used to tell me that I needed a girl for stuff (laundry, housekeeping etc).  Apparently "sexism" means something different in Peru than in the US.  However... sometimes, when I'm feeling overwhelmed with the many tasks of motherhood, I do find myself muttering "I need a girl".

Which brings me to - our daughter, who is deep in tweenhood and quickly approaching teenhood.  She is taking on more and more responsibilities in our house (although she is certainly not utilized as a domestic servant- although she might disagree) and this week, she helped me do Harris' infusion.  She held, I stuck.  She did really well - especially considering the weight to length ratio of her brother.  I am so glad that we have another helper around and I am so glad that our kids can be raised with such a broad idea of what makes a normal life... especially since she has a chance of having a little bleeder of her own one day.

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