Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First set of stitches

Notice how I said first, I am sure we will be back for more (knowing Zander).

A couple weeks ago we did a quick trip to Elko, Nevada for my grandma's funeral. After driving all day it was finally time to relax, wishful thinking.

Zander and Ayda were chasing each other around and Zander ran down the hall, giant bouncy ball in tow, he ran smack into the partially opened bathroom door and split his forehead open. Travis grabbed Zander and I went to get his factor ready and that is when I saw the blood. A lot of blood. It was the first time Zander has ever had an injury like that. It took just a second to wrap my head around the fact that I wouldn't be able to just infuse and be done. We did a double dose of factor and we were off to the OHSU emergency room.

I have said it before and I will say it again, an ER with valet parking is pretty good to me. By the time we got to the ER Zander was pretty calm. We still had a bandage on his head and an ice pack. We went back and Zander talked everyone's ear off, never leaving one detail out of how he hurt his head. Zander has only been to the ER once before (when he was one...pre-port) and now that he is old enough to understand I talked to him about everything they were doing. I told him they would put numbing cream in his cut and it is just like the cream we use on his port. When they asked if we wanted to do nasal versed or nitrous to keep him calm during the procedure, I asked Zander what he wanted. I am not sure if the nurse thought I was nuts but I figure it is his body and his choice.

Although it was pretty funny to hear his reasoning for choosing the nitrous. I explained the versed would be sprayed up his nose, he launched into a story about how he picks his nose and how it is okay to pick your nose but you shouldn't put other things in your he picked the nitrous because he would get to wear a mask and superhero's wear a mask. I laughed.

When they went to clean out the wound the doctor was telling him he needed to spray it with special liquid, to which I said, he is cleaning it with saline, just like we put saline into your port. The doctor told him he couldn't touch his special cloth, I simply said that is the doctor's sterile field. He knew not to touch it.  The nurse commented how well I did explaining stuff to Zander, I guess there is no need to talk to him like a child when he knows as much as he does about different medical terminology.

The stitches went in, five or six in total. Zander did great. He rocked an awesome black eye and has a cool little scar.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Come one come all...walk for hemophilia with us!

This is the first time our Hemophilia Foundation has sponsored a walk and we are excited to participate. We are always on board with any chance to raise awareness about hemophilia. Here is a little video we made about our bleeder crew!! We really do have a bloody good life. If you have any questions about our bloody good disease let us know and we can answer them.  If you are able please click the link below and sponsor our team!!

Click here and then click "sponsor this team"...

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Alive and kicking

We are alive over here at The Bloody Good Life!! Here are a couple pictures of the world's cutest hemo's.
Zander is now doing a pretty large dose of Advate every other day to help keep his joint bleeds under control. Nothing slows either of them down!!
Swimming is good for the joints!
He is a master at holding his breath!