Thursday, May 26, 2011

Is this a sign of obesity?

Does anyone out there ever look in those celebrity magazines, they have the sections labeled something like "stars are just like us" then show the celebs taking out their trash or walking a dog. Well this video could be labeled, "hemos they are just like us." Oh, and I don't read those magazines either, I have just heard about them from a friend.

ps-If Zander continues to eat in his sleep, we will need to make sure he gets some extra play time so we can avoid having a "hearty" kid with bad joints.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sometimes you have to be the giver

I love me a good mom catch phrase.  I am certain that at some point it was fun and games until someone got their eye put out, that someone's face did stick like that, and that some fool actually did jump off a cliff because their friend did it first.  When my kids tell me I'm the meanest mom ever, I say "Good.  I love being the best at stuff".  Also, I think I'm going to teach them that the Constitution of the United States has a "because I said so" clause.

One saying I use with my kids a lot is "sometimes you have to be the giver."  I made that one up myself and it is good ammo when someone in the family is whining about doing something that doesn't make them the center of the world.  I always want our children to realize that in relationships and in life, sometimes, you have to be the one who helps meet another's needs.  I think this is especially true when families deal with conditions like bleeding disorders that can easily ooze over every part of life sucking attention continually toward hemophilia.

I want my kids to know that whether a person has been dealt a lousy hand or a great one, the obligation to serve others is the same.  My son is not exempt from giving to others just because others will spend time giving to him.  I want him and his siblings to know that there are lots of people in the world, with lots of different problems.  Some problems you can see in bruises, some you cannot.  Our problems are not more significant than those dealt with by the billions of other people that live on this planet.

That is why every year, we help raise funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  I have two nieces with this disease and I want a cure.  We also participate in the annual CF walk with our family and friends to support the foundation and our girls... and because the walk begins and ends at an amusement park, there's never any complaining about being the giver.

Warming up for the big walk

Our family baby... diagnosed with CF just after birth

Harris getting bossed

Harris with cousin Arden (diagnosed with CF at 4 months) and her soccer team

Harris and Derek along with uncle Matt and cousin Maisy on
"Big Pink"  (I have been lobbying for a name change for
that slide for 4 years now)
... post Big Pink

Harris and Henderson piloting their plane in opposite directions

The Frog Hopper part 1... yep, my kid's wearing shorts and rainboots.  Classy.

Harris and Zander cruisin' in their sparkly ride...

...with a chaperone.
Frogger part 2... 

Zander remains unimpressed

The Frog Hopper story... way better than the actual Frog Hopper

Hmmm... does this mirror make my head look big?

brothers on a coaster... in the front of course

Monday, May 16, 2011

Walk the plank

I was in the kitchen when I heard my 8 year old son say "OK.  Walk the plank Harris". Huh? (Clearly, this is what the inventor of pillows intended...)

The plank... (aka- the chair mom's been about to reupholster for 5 years.)

Man overboard

... and again

and again (nobody panic, Hurley did not land on the baby)

look out below...

...a dive with a twist.

why are my hands as big as my brother's face?

I am your captain.