Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One Anniversary and One Happy Birthday

In September we passed the one year mark for Harris' port.  A few weeks later he turned two.  The weekly trips to the HTC and the multiple needle pokes required to pin down a sneaky vein seem to be a very distant former life.  Getting the port placed in Harris' chest was undoubtedly the best decision for our family and I have been very pleased with the results.  We have experienced no break through bleeding and no joint bleeds since starting our regular prophy schedule.

One of the goals that my husband and I have is to encourage Harris' hemophilia to be a peripheral part of his life, rather than the defining center. The freedom that we and our other children have gained by being able to infuse him anywhere at anytime and with very little fuss allows us to integrate a once-problematic bleeding disorder into our lives just like other somewhat inconvenient things like soccer practices and sixth grade band concerts (seriously- who knew there could be so many different notes in "Hot Cross Buns"?)

While prophy might not be the choice that feels right for everyone, we are sure that it is the right one for us... unless you ask Harris.  His new favorite phrase - "I'm not infusey day".  Sorry buddy.  I'm pretty sure you'll thank us later.