Friday, March 26, 2010

I knew someone with Hemophilia once...

I don't walk around telling people that Zander has Hemophilia but I do get asked more and more about his medical alert bracelet. So, when asked I tell people he has Hemophilia, usually that solicits a blank stare. But on occasion, I get someone who launches into a story about someone they knew with Hemophilia.
Let me just say, when someone is pregnant most people wouldn't feel (or shouldn't feel) the need to tell a horror story about pregnancy. But for whatever reason they do feel the need to share those stories about people they have known with Hemophilia. Most of the time the long drawn out stories don't even seem to relate to Hemophilia, further more they don't leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling.
For example, I went to the pharmacy to pick up Zander's factor and the pharmacist said, "That must have been a shocking diagnosis." I explained that it wasn't that I am a carrier, so the diagnosis wasn't out of the blue. Upon learning that she went on to tell me, she knew someone who had a child with Hemophilia, he wasn't diagnosed right away. But the mom touched her baby's eye and it started to bleed! I didn't really know how to, that doesn't happen to people with Hemophilia (I touch Zander and he rarely springs a bloody leak.) two, I don't think it happens to anyone and three, can you please just get me my son's medicine so I can go get his infusion...Thanks.
I often think, (as the stories are being told) maybe I should fake a bleed to get out of this conversation.


  1. Some people just don't know when to shut up! You'd think I'd be hard to talk with a great big foot in their mouth!

  2. On a much lighter note people are forever telling me how short I am - really didnt notice! Ugh! Can see where it would get old - come on people!