Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Power of Prophy, part 2.

Lots of people ask questions about exactly what treatment for Harris means.  I think they imagine it to be lots worse than it is...

Prophy day (we have a standing appointment at our center for once a week treatments:)

  • 7:30 wake up.  Have a nurse.  Have a bath.

  • Daily bruise inventory? Check.

  • Get dressed in short sleeves for easy access.  Go for a layered look with a sweatshirt to keep the veins warm and plumpy...and stylish.

  • Electronic distraction for 4 year old brother? Check.

  • Factor? Check.  Extra box of Factor?  Check.

  • Arrive at treatment center a little early for parking...

  • ... and playing

  • Favorite exam room?  Check.

  • Purple gloves.  You know you've got trouble when they pull out the purple gloves.

  • Pick a vein... any vein.

  • Mmmm.  Hot packs.  Warm veins are happy veins.

  • Mix the factor.

  • Cross your fingers for one good stick.

  • Let the good stuff flow.

  • Voila!  

  • Get big love from the amazing team.  Seriously.  They are like prophy Ninjas.

  • Get big love from Mom.

Done and done.  Now, what's for lunch?

1 comment:

  1. Such a brave lil guy! He looks so happy, which is always a good thing!