Thursday, November 18, 2010

all aboard the infusion train

Here is a video of me doing Zander's infusion. Of course, the day I set up the video camera (sorry of the constant shot of my leg, it was on a tripod) Zander was a little fussier than usual. Also, I needed to push my needle down a little more in order to get a blood return. We are getting more and more comfortable with the infusion process. Zander is a real trooper, even if we miss and have to try again he doesn't complain that much. Sorry, Awny did a better job of explaining what she was doing (I can't talk and infuse...give me a few years).


  1. Good work!! He is such a trooper! My kids are fascinated by this video and Finlee wants to know why he gets medicine in his "privates" :) We are working on clearing that one up!


    Dear Ayda,
    I loved your vocals on Itsy Bitsy Spider! We miss you!

  2. He is a brave little man! Good job Mama and Papa (and Ayda)