Tuesday, April 12, 2011

bloody lips and other mouth bleeds

When Zander started walking his hematologist prescribed him Amicar. We had Amicar before we had factor. Amicar is for mouth bleeds. I have had that bottle sitting in the fridge (no it doesn't have to be refrigerated but I choose too) and used it for the first time Saturday. We were at the park and he hit his mouth while climbing. We used the Amicar and it seemed to work pretty well. That got me thinking....what is it that makes the Amicar work. It isn't factor so what stops the bleeding. I got on the Internet and found the answer to my question, I thought it was interesting so I thought I would post. Amicar or aminocaproic acid is an important medication for anyone with a bleeding disorder, it works by preventing enzymes in the saliva from breaking down a newly formed clot. The medication allows the tissue under the clot to heal and prevents re-bleeding. *Info from ihtc.org

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