Wednesday, July 21, 2010

my, what large biceps you have!

This morning I noticed Zander's right arm feeling a little swollen. When I went to spend some time with Awny, I asked her to take a look and she said it definitely looks bigger than his left arm and that is was very warm to the touch. We measured it was about an inch and a half bigger than his other arm. After monitoring it throughout the morning, I called the HTC and they scheduled him to come in. We saw our nurses (I can tell how concerned they are for Zander) and a hematologist, everyone agreed he was having a muscle bleed. The best we can gather is maybe on Monday during his blood draw his tourniquet was too tight or maybe we held him down wrong, whatever it was, he has a bleed.
The tricky part is, he is needing to use a different medication and we had not received it so after jumping through some hoops and thanks to a lot of great nurses we got it. Our plan was to get an IV in today and give him a dose today and one tomorrow. We need to see how he responds to this need medication and how his inhibitor will affect his treatments.
Sadly, we poked and poked and poked (Travis and I joked it is a lot of pokes when you loose track of how many you ended with) we think it was 7 pokes it total. We did not end up with an IV, we decided it was time to just get the factor in. We accessed a vein in his head and that was that.
The plan for tomorrow is to get a picc line put in and that way we will be able to give him his fancy new factor and he wont have to get all those stinkin' sticks.
There is a chance that there wont be a picc team available for us but we have our sedation time all set up. I am learning quickly that we have to roll with the punches, sometimes we put a plan in place and something like this happens, it's all about being flexible and making sure we do what is best for our sweet little man.
I will post tomorrow and of course have pictures of Z's new medical accessory.

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