Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Legend of Ol' Shale Tooth

For the last six month we have been waging a battle against tiny, little bacteria warriors for Harris' front teeth.  This week, Ol' Shale Tooth lost his battle... and his teeth.  Or at least a part of them.  After trying an alternative treatment to help stop the advancing decay (twice) and watching his teeth break apart piece by piece, we went to a new pediatric dentist and pulled out the big drill.  (Actually, I don't know if the drill was big or not, but it is really big in my mind).

Due to the extent of the decay and his age we chose to have him totally out for the procedure.  The in-office anesthesiologist did not feel comfortable treating him because of his hemophilia.  We ended up at one of the area  hospitals where our dentist has privileges and had the treatment done there.

Harris has had no complications.  We upped his infusions a bit and we're using Amicar (spelliing?), but other than being a little grouchy and clingy.  He seems all good.

Goodbye Ol' Shale Tooth... may you wander far away from us forever.

Pretty sick of me trying to get a cute picture of his teeth.

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  1. Those are some mighty nice teeth little man. You will be showing those teeth off for a long time (hopefully)!