Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bayer Feed Back sessions

I am writing this post about the opportunity Jack and I had to go to Berkley to visit the Bayer plant. We had some really great discussion on the first day, and we were able to meet alot of great people. I am always amazed at the wide range of experiences that other people have had, and continue to have with their hemophilia. I can't discuss the topics that were presented to us, because of waivers we had to sign, but I can talk about the tour we got to take through the plant.

Before i write about the tour i want to thank all of the Bayer reps that ran things and Meg who was with the westfield group who set everything up for us.

Jack was unable to attend the tour because they didn't have a gown small enough for him. You have to go through this crazy gowning process before you can enter the facility. This is to help protect the factor from us, not the other way around. The Reps from Bayer were great and gave jack his own private tour. I have some great pictures of him. Jack and I both learned so much during this process its hard to relay. There was so much information to take in, that at times it was overwhelming. I loved seeing how the factor was made. I never imagined how complex this process would be. I think i majored in the wrong thing in college. I am fascinated by the science of it all. We were able to see a bag of factor before it was concentrated. It looked like an IV bag filled with orange soda.

I challenged Jack to lean 3 new things the first day, and 3 the second day. He learned 5 the second day, and while not everything he learned had to deal with the process or hemophilia, i am glad he enjoyed himself. Everyone loved Jack. He did an amazing job sitting through these feedback sessions that were 3 and 1/2 hours plus. It was fun, and would love to attend more information sessions to increase our awareness and knowledge.


  1. What a great opportunity to increase knowledge and expand your network. Glad you had the chance to go.

  2. I took a similar tour with one of the other drug manufacturers and so I can relate to the crazy gowning process and the amazement at the lengths they go to make sure nothing contaminates the factor as it goes through the complex process of creation.

    I'm really glad you had this opportunity and that you enjoyed it!

  3. I'm a new follower, but I thought I'd say that sounds like an amazing experience! :)