Thursday, August 19, 2010

picc pics

After Harris' last tangle with his weekly infusion and subsequent bleeding episode in his upper arm (rubber tourniquet: 1, Harris: 0) we set the process in motion to have a port placed in his chest.  The first step for us is the placement of a picc line.

The procedure went smoothly and reinforced to us how incredibly lucky we are to live where we live and have access to the kind of care that we do.  Every nurse and doctor with whom we have worked has been stellar.  The nurses in pediatric sedation and the piccu nurse were no exception.  They demonstrated a lot of sensitivity for Harris' past experiences with people trying to hold down his arms and legs and along with the pediatric anesthesiologist came up with a plan that would be the least traumatizing for our son.  I also appreciated that they listened to me when I told them that I was not a fan of the rubber tourniquet and that I did not want one used on my baby... ever again.

Derek and I were able to be with him as he went to sleep (with the help of the anesthesia - Derek actually held him and helped with the mask) and we were able to be with him when he woke up.  He was hungry and thirsty as he had restrictions on when he could eat, nurse and drink before the procedure.  I nursed him right on the table while they drew blood for his panels, infused him and dressed his picc line.

This is the first time that Derek has met Team Harris.  I have taken the lead on his treatments and do the interfacing with our medical staff because I am comfortable working with doctors and nurses (a result of my mother and my training as a doula), I know this disease and its lingo, and I stay home with our kids.  Derek works during the week and is therefore, not really available to go to our HTC like I am.  I think that it was very helpful for him to be there with our son.  It was good for his peace of mind as a father and as someone relatively new to dealing with hemophilia to see the procedure go well with no major complications like those experienced by my nephew a few weeks ago.  I am glad that having a picc and then a port will mean more independence for our family, and will also allow Derek to be more involved with the workings of Harris' day to day care.

Now... which sock would you like to wear over your line today sir?  ps - keep it clean, because it's sponge baths for the next 4 weeks buddy.  Sad.

healing up
picc line dressing
What happens when he doesn't get what he wants... like the camera.