Tuesday, August 10, 2010

bloody feed back

I volunteered to be on an advisory committee for our local HTC. The committee's goal is to work with our HTC staff, and make sure our needs, as clients, are being met. I have not had any issues with our HTC, in fact, I feel like the doctor's, nurses and every other person at OHSU has bent over backwards for Zander's care. Here is one example, while Zander was going through the process of getting his picc line in and subsequently had other complications, Dr. R (who is not even Zander's hematologist) was on vacation but still was in contact regarding Zander's care. I don't know many people who are so invested in their clients to give up personal time to make sure their needs are met. I can't compare this center to others because this is all I know, but from what I gather, it is a pretty great HTC. I am not sure if there are any readers who use our center here in Portland, but if you have any suggestions I can pass along, don't be shy. Let's make this a great experience for our kids and for us!

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