Friday, October 29, 2010

If you aren't happy...write a letter

I was raised by a very strong mother, who taught me a magical phrase that seems to be helping me out a lot while dealing with Hemophilia. Repeat it with me, "Everyone has a boss and I want to talk to yours."
I have adapted this a little to fit my situation, since Zander started receiving treatment I have written more letters than ever before. I never just write a letter complaining about service (although that is included in the letter) but I always offer suggestions on how to make the situation better.
If you were to peak into my medical folder on my computer you would see a lot of saved documents that start this way, "letter re Zander's _____". I must admit this has seemed to work really well for me. I have had two bills paid that were originally denied. I have the pharmacy implementing a training on factor (or so they say...).
I just thought I would share my mother's wisdom. If you aren't happy do something about it, make a call, write a letter, stand up for your child (self) and help make some changes.

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  1. That's one of my favorite philosophies! Advocate for yourself and your family. Way to listen to your mom's good advice! : )