Monday, October 25, 2010

you are going to stick that needle where?

Today was a BIG day for us, we accessed Zander's port for the first time. I was pretty nervous and my hands were shaking really bad but I took a couple of deep breaths and calmed myself down.
I got my sterile field all ready to go, with all the necessary supplies. Travis helped Zander stay calm, he asked him lots of questions about who was giving him his factor. It was then time for the maiden voyage of the port. I poked the needle in and said, "I didn't get it in all the way." Our wonderful nurse C said, "it will stick up a little, just check for a blood return." And boom, just like that, blood. Blood is a good thing, it means the needle is in a good place and it is okay to give him his factor. And as quick as we started it was all over, I pulled the needle out and we stuck a band aid on.
Zander cried a little but not that much. We will do two more times at the center and hopefully next week pull his picc out. Then one of our wonderful nurses will come to our house and make sure we are ready to do it at home, then we will be free!! The plan is for me to do one more try and then Travis will do a couple tries. We both want to be able to do it, especially once his picc is gone.

(here is the port, the redness will go away soon.)
Here is Zander waiting in the waiting area today, he pulled out the purple plastic couch and made himself at home.


  1. What a brave little guy, and mom too!

  2. Super duper job for both of you!!!

  3. Look at you with your huber needle, sterile field and blood return, nicely done Nika RN! You're awesome! I love the picture of Zander lying down ready for his factor. I love the look on his face!

  4. Dr, Dr, Mr. MD..... {did you ever jump rope to this phrase}

    Nicely done! We need Dr. Nika to the kitchen table, STAT!