Friday, October 8, 2010

Sterile technique and a Nigerian beat

Today we did our first solo infusion via Harris port.  We did so good. Seriously.  Derek was able to hold/restrain him by himself and I don't even flinch anymore when I stick him.  (Kinda morbid, but there you have it.)  Harris still cries when we hold him down, but he cries when I hold him down for a diaper change too, so...

Upon the advise of our hemo nurse, we played some of Harris' favorite music during the infusion to see if it would help him stay calm.  Once we got the needle in and he realized that it was not so bad, he stopped crying and let the Nigerian rhythms fill him up.  Mormon Tabernacle Choir:1  Harris:0.

Monday we're rocking it old school. Rad.

Good luck little Harris.  May all of your infusions be fast and all of your factor be clean.

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