Monday, June 14, 2010

The Good sister

So my sister Endre wrote about guilt, and not having any when her son was born. (This is why I tiltled this blog, "the good sister". Totally joking of course. My sisters are great moms...:)) I on the other hand, felt a ton of guilt when jack was born. I felt so responsible for giving him this disease. I panicked at the thought of what his life might be like, the pain he would feel, the teasing he might have to endure;or even what he might miss out on. I soon realized (after a few infusions) that i could feel sad for the pain he might be feeling, but this was his life, and i needed to change my attitude about it. I could do more good for him than anyone else. I could help him get comfortable before his infusions, I could educate him about his disease, and teach him how to live with hemophilia, but not let it define him. So yes, I felt tremendous first, but not anymore. In the end, everyone copes differently with a newborn with hemophilia. We all progress in stages. So whatever you experience its goes on.

awny (sister #3)

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