Monday, June 14, 2010

Learning the ropes

At Zander's comprehensive visit we talked with our Hematologist and our nurse Alisa about getting more involved with Zander's infusions. We love Alisa and she does such a great job, but for me (and Travis too) I really want to be in control of Zander's disease. For those that know me that wont come as a surprise but I am a lover of control and I have to give that up weekly when I rely on someone else to do Zander's infusions.
So we came to the conclusion that we will learn the infusion process, which includes accessing Zander's veins. Alisa said at first we will practice on her (sorry about her luck) but my great family, Endre and my mom both said I could practice on them too. When we get it down we will start infusion Zander at home (yay!).
Today during Zander's prophy Travis held him (normally that is my job) and I felt in his arm for a good vein. I felt one (with Alisa's help) we decided to access that vein and she got it in one poke. Then I was holding the syringe with his factor. I made sure we got a blood return and administered his factor. Zander was a lot more calm today, he cried when he got poked but he stopped before we finished. Travis and I agree that maybe if we are more involved he might feel a little less frantic during the process.
I am excited to be learning and can't wait to be able to take care of him in our home!
(this picture has nothing to do with my post, but who wants a post without pictures... not me!)

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