Friday, June 18, 2010

Two bleeds and a baseball game

So, this may freak some of you out that my son jack had two bleeds in one day. Ok, so i don't really know if the swollen finger was a bleed, but....factor is can fix anything. Maybe, thats why it costs so much....However, I digress from my originall topic....bleeds and sports. Jack iced all day - his finger and his knee...I believe these were both swimming injuries. I think he got jumped on? (uh...lots of boys in a tiny pool....)
anyway, my whole point of this blog is to tell you all not to fret. Jack made the decision to play, and he was totally fine. The week before he had another knee bleed, and decided not to play. I am so proud of my son that he is finally "getting it" when it comes to the care of his body. This has not always been the case, but I believe that you have to teach your child to listen to his/her body...and I on the other hand need to trust him.
It was a great lesson for us both
(p.s...nika this picture is for you because you said blogs are lame without photos!)

Awny, the third sister

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  1. I like his picture! I have a lot to learn from you, I think I will have a hard time letting Z listen to his body. Good thing he has his Auntie to go to bat for him. Tell Jack I think he is so cute!