Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Where did that blood come from?

Harris falls a lot.  He falls on his knees. He falls on his elbows.  He falls on his head. He thinks he can walk, but really, it's just his feet chasing his torso before they all hit the ground together.

Despite the falling, we ruled out a helmet early on.  We felt like it was just one more thing to draw attention to an already incredibly visual disease.  Basically, if Harris was in a lineup with a bunch of other kids, it wouldn't take a whole lot of detective work to pick him out as the hemo - and we didn't need to underscore that for him... or his siblings.

So when I picked him up from bumping his head today and saw that his hair was covered in thick red liquid I almost peed myself.  I know it's not glamorous, but there you go.  We did prophy this morning, but I was pretty sure "bleeding from scalp" would require more than one infusion.

Luckily.. left over strawberries from lunch do not.  I guess I need to be more thorough with my clean-up.

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